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Company Background and Objectives

The Objective of Phoenix Building Systems is to provide manufactured building products along with a complete package of Services to Builders and Developers. In order to do this , Phoenix Building Systems has formed an association with a number of Professionals in the building field to be able to offer a full service. Phoenix Building Systems can provide complete turnkey services from an undeveloped project to the after sales service. We will undertake project planning and development, including acquiring of full approvals. Once a project is approved we will undertake to service , market, and construct the project. Phoenix Building Systems also has the ability to provide full construction services with conventional construction, panelized packages for domestic and export, and log.

We also act as a source for manufactured building products product where a builder or developer does not need the additional services. With our considerable experience in manufactured building development we can eliminate the difficulties experienced in adapting to a new technology.


The objective of Phoenix Building Systems is to provide a solution to the current problems plaguing Contractors, Developers and Home Builders.

These problems are mainly:

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